Most Popular

European Facial

Basic Facial plus arm & shoulder massage

Serum: Hydro collagen or green tea with photo ultrasonic & soft mask

Deep Pore Facial

With Italy Rosactive PureMed

Rosactive HYDRA Comfort Facial

With Biocomplex Serum Collection

Seaweed Facial

Seaweed Extract Deep Cleaning Whitening Firming Rejuvenating

M Facial (Deep Moisturizing)

Vitamin C Facial


Absolu Caviar Sik Technology

Bio-Giyo Marine Complex, Precious Pearl, Absolu Caviar Divine Regenerating Cream, Serum & Eye Gel Facial, Anti-Aging Firming, Restructive Hydrating

Nutrisupreme Caviar Facial

Ingrid Millet Source Pure White

Caviar Eye Lift

ROASACTIVE Phytoceutical Complex

Bioxygen (OXYGEN INFUSION Treatment)

To fight against ALL AGES & skin pathology, the Ultimate solution to the SOURCE of aging

Time Reversal Facial

Regenerating treatment to help accelerate the cell renewal process and increase the elasticity level of the skin. It gradually fades out age spots, freckles and brown marks. Wrinkles and fine lines just vanished in the wink of an eye! Skin looks 10 years younger instantly.

Bio Renew Collagen

Renewing skin cell and accelerate the production of skin collagen

BioTech Facial

Enhancing skin cell signalling and speed up skin cell function. To reveal a youthful, glowing looking skin. Damage skin such as UV, acne, etc... gets repaired.


Skin rejuvenation breakthrough. The biocommunicator is a sure way to reverse aging in our skin! Using the triple award winning ingredient of Crocus Chrysanthus bulb extract, Rosactive R&D has brought a breakthrough to the skin care industry. Reversing the aging process with a product is no longer a dream!

Biohydral (phytoceutical 100% organic)

The final result is high hydration and wonderful skin feel and the anti-wrinkles filler action

Biomixy 5000 (face)

A formula that boosts the skin's "Collagen IV" synthesis by 400% and "Collagen I" by 175%

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